vrijdag 29 april 2011

Shoplog 28/04

This week there is a great offer at a Dutch Drugstore again. 50% discount on all the make-up. So also on the nailpolishes!
I bought 11 new polishes, for only 15euro. Normal it would be 30 euro!
Up: Gosh Flamingo en Essence Out of my mind
Middle Catrice Am i blue or green, Just Married, Bye Bye Biry, Up in The Air
Under: Catrice Dirty Berry, Raspberry Fields Forever, I Scream Peach, Back to Black, Bloody Mary to Go.

 But that's not all, i also ordered some polishes on internet at a dutch internetshop called nailpolishfashion, and i received it yesterday aswell! Woohoo! :)

China Glaze Mom's Chiffon, Ahoy! & Pool Party. Golden Rose Holo #102 en #105
Hope you'll like it guys!

The New Bundle Monster Plates!

Hey Guys!
 Maybe you allready know, but Bundle Monster came out with 25 new image plates, which i had to have as a total nailpolish/art-addict! About a week ago i ordered them in Hawai, and only 5 days later i allready had it in my hands! And they are lovely! :)

The plates are pretty much better than the old ones, the covered up the backside just like Konad, so the plate isn't sharp anymore. Also the plastic is easy to remove. But the best of all are the fullnail images. They are bigger now, so you can even coverup you thumb nail!

You can buy the new plates at http://www.bundlemonster.com/ and for 25 plates you'll pay 21,99USD. Really cheap!

Offcourse i made a picture for you guys, so you can see the difference between new and old.

New on the left, old on the right!

I'm so happy with it, can't wait to actually work with the new Bundle Monster Plates!

dinsdag 26 april 2011

Give-away at the nail addict!

Check it out! A great give-away at "The Nail Addict"

Check it out here!

NOTD - China Glaze Secret Peri Wink-Le

Hi Ladies!

Hope you all had a great easter! :)

Last week i received China Glaze Secret Peri Wink-Le, so it's time for a new mani! I justed 3 coats op Peri Wink-Le and the silver Essence stamping polish. This polish you can but at the dutch drugstore Kruidvat.

I justed Konad M29 plate for the images. Love them!

Do you like it guys?

maandag 18 april 2011

Giveaway Time at "The Polished Perfectionist"!!

Hi guys!

Check this out: Giveaway at The Polished Perfectionist!

Pretty cool isn't it? So become a follower of The Polished Perfectionist, and maybe you will get these great prices! :)

vrijdag 15 april 2011

NOTD - China Glaze QT

Hi again!

And now i will show you guys my nails for today. Because the sun is shining in Holland i would love to have a holopolish on my nails! The effect is sooooo gorgeous! :)

Well it's China Glaze QT, one of my favourites! Allright i only have them for 1 week, but there are allready my favourite! To bad that they dont sell the OMG-collection anymore :(

But however i'm happy to them 3 of them!

NOTD - Nubar Absolute

Today i'm showing you the nails of yesterday.. I forgot to update them yesterday and i allready changed my mani for today! :)

Yesterday my mani was Nubar-Absolute with Essence-You Belong To Me. Because Nubar is so sheer i thought it would be a nice combination! And it was! It's a bit baby-blue and really love the colour!

Hope you will like it to guys! :)

donderdag 14 april 2011

Stash part 5 / Rimmel London

And also i would like to show you my Rimmel London stash. I just got 2 colours of them, and also i didn´t try it yet.

From the left to the right; 510 - Euphoria, 650 - Magnetise
So soon you will find a review from this colours!

Stash part 4 - Beyu

Hi ladies,

Today i'm showing you my stash part 4, my Beyu polishes. I have bought them about 6 months ago, and just tried 1 colour 1 time. Only i have tried the blue one, but i dont know, it's just not my colour. ;)

The polishes don´t have a new, but a number. You can see them on the bottle!

dinsdag 12 april 2011

Review - China Glaze DV8

Hi ladies,

Yesterday i received my new China Glaze polishes; QT & DV8, so its time for a new review! :)

I tried DV8 this morning, its a blue holo and its gorgeous!!

I'm really happy i bought the OMG-collection, allright just 3 of them, but i'm happy! It's a very nice polish, and it covers very well! I added 2 covers, and it looks really nice!

It's official i am a China Glaze polish addict!

maandag 11 april 2011

NOTD - China Glaze TMI

A new week has start, and how can you start your week better then with a new manicure? I decided to do a holo-manicure with my new China Glaze TMI :D

It covers really good, after 1 cover its allready perfect! But i prefer 2 covers! The photo below is with just 1 cover! Pretty nicae, isn't it?

The colour is nice, not to much holo! Today i also received 2 new polishes from the china glaze OMG-collection, so keep on watching for new swatches!

Stash part 3 - Gosh

Also i have a small stash of Gosh Polishes. The polishes are nice, but dont cover very well, and for the same price i can buy China Glaze. But, i have 2 off them; a holographic and a deep-ocean colour! The last one i really love!

549 - Holographic and 540 - Ocean

You can buy Gosh polish at the dutch drugstore Kruidvat.

Stash part 2 - Art de Lautrec

Today i will show you more of my stash! :) I will show you my Art de Lautrec polishes. I bought them about 2 months ago on internet, and truly love them! They have nice colours, and they are pretty cheap! It's a brand from Poland, but i bought them at a dutch website; Alice&Jo's.

The polishes don't hava a name, but a number;
From the left to the right: 51, 04B, 65, 06, 12B, 13B.

Hope you like the colours as much as i do!

zondag 10 april 2011

Stash part 1 - China Glaze

I decided to make pictures of all my nailpolishes and update them here on my weblog. So i will start today with my China Glaze polishes. I just have 3 of them at the moment, and there are 2 ordered. I hope i will get them this week! :)

So here you can see my China Glaze Stash:

TMI - Atlantis - Harmony

Keep on watching, and soon you will find my other polishes here! :)

Shoplog 09/04

This weekend was my weekend off, so i went shopping with my mum! She doesn't understands my nailpolish addiction, but that doesn't matter ;)

At the Kruidvat ( a dutch drugstore) was having a discount of 35% when you buy 3 polishes. So i decided to buy 6 pieces! :)

You can see the colours below:

 These are 3 polishes of the brand Catrice called: 380-Forget Me Not, 410-Pool Party At Night, 440-I Wear My Sunglasses At Night. (From left to the right)

 so here you can see the Nail Art Special Effect Toppers from Essence, and 1 stampy polish also from Essence! 

Total price was about 8euro, so that was really cheap!  

vrijdag 8 april 2011

Nailart Konad M64

Hi guys!

Welcome back again! :-)

Yesterday my colleague came and i did her nails with Konad! I used a nailpolish from Catrice called "Hot or Not". It's a pink polish which covers really well! Only 1 layer is enough!

Here you can see the original colour;

After this i used Konad White Stamping Polish and my new Image Plate M64.

And here is the result! (at the picture it looks like red, but in real life it truely is pink! :)

Do you like the result?

My first China Glaze!

2 days ago i ordered my first China Glaze and Nubar polish. And i'm so happy that i did it! Before i allways used Catrice and Essence polish (they are both a dutch/german brand).

Take a look at my new stuff! :)

China Glaze Atlantis & Nubar Absolute

I'm so happy with it! I feel like a child! :)

Also i ordered new Konad plates (M63-64-65) and waterdecals..

So tell me guys, what is your favourite China Glaze polish?

Hi all!

Hi Guys,

Welcome on Nailsszone!
I used to have a dutch blog, but from now on, i will have an English one too. My English is not really perfect, but i will try to do my best!

My name is Cynthia, 24 years from the Netherlands. Since 2010 i'm totally into nailpolish and nailart, and i would love to show my creations, swatches and other stuff to the rest of the world!

Hope you are enjoy reading my blog, and please leave a comment!