dinsdag 31 mei 2011

Stash Update!

Because i had some troubles in my life the last week i was not having time to update my blog. But i wanted to show you all my stash, and also made a list so you can see which one i own. At the moment i have 180 bottles, including topcoats and stamping coats.

Look at my Stash list..

Q: How many polishes do you guys have?

maandag 23 mei 2011

Hello Again! :D

Well hi guys! I'm back allready one week, but since my nails are totally broken at my short trip i dont want to make any pictures of them.. :(
But i can show something else today.. Last week i got my 4th tattoo.. And i'm so proud of it!
It means a lot to me.. it's a symbol to my grandparents, there are all passed away.. So Carpe Diem, live your life!
Also i had a short break of buying any polishes. But last week and today i bought some new ones!

I received today;

- China Glaze C-C-Courage
- Color Club Revvolution

Bought today at a drugstore;
- KOH 217 Metallic Green (holo!!)

Totally happy with Revvolution, because the swatches look great!

I will upload the pictures tonight!

donderdag 12 mei 2011

Bye bye for now!

Hi ladies!

Want to let you know that i will not update for the next 4/5days, tomorrow i'm going to the Azores (islands of Portugal) for my work, so i will not have time to update!

Hope i will get some new polishes aswell over there ;)

See you all soon!

XoXo Cynthia

dinsdag 10 mei 2011

And again a great offer at a Dutch drugstore!

Hi Ladies, do you also love buying polish for cheap as much as i do? This week there is a 50% discount again at a dutch drugstore. And i wouldn't be me if i won't take look. But actually there is no one at my wishlist at the moment.
And guess what.. I bought 6 polishes again, and i'm going to show them to you all!

From left to right:
Essence: Where is the party, Irreplaceable
Catrice: LE-Lavenderlicious, Absolutely Chinchilly!, Blue Cara Ciao,
LE-Miracle Heaven

 Where is the party is a bit like a dupe of Catrice Iron Mermaiden, but you can read at a lot of blogs that they are not really the same! Soon i will show you the result!
Total amount for these is about 6euro pretty cheap right ;)
Also i got my 3 China Glaze polishes which i bought from a girl on the internet.

From left to right: Beauty & the beach, Magical, Passion in the pacific.

Coming up soon: my stash China Glazes polishes!

NOTD - China Glaze Mom's Chiffon and Golden Rose Flakes

Yesterday a nail broke.. :( but i was my right hand, so my hand for the pictures is still allright! And no, i will not show you ;)

I didnt had time to make a real nailart so i just used China Glaze Mom's Chiffon and Golden Rose Flakes number 9+12. I think it's pretty nice!

Giveaway at Moondancerjen's Nails!

Great new giveaway at Moondancerjen's Nails.

Offcourse: Happy Birthday Jen! :)

maandag 9 mei 2011

Shoplog 6 mei Newcastle!

Last week i went for a minibreak to Newcastle. By boat we went from IJmuiden (NL) to Newcastle, shopping there for just 1 day, and come back by boat again. It's super cool to do sometimes! Newcastle is great for shopping, and i thought it was pretty cheap aswell! Offcourse they do sell nailpolish, so i bought some new ones!

Not that much, just 5 new polishes! A lot of the polishes they do sell here in Holland, and i allready have a lot of colours! By the way, Rimmel for example is pretty much cheaper over there! I also found a shop that sells China Glaze, but there where asking 7-8euro for 1 polish, so i can better buy them here on the internet.

Let's take a look!

Barry M. - Crackle NailPaint Black

BYS: N53-Lime Spritz / N83-Ultra Violet

Rimmel: 260-Green Grass / 819 - Green with Envy

And all together:

Really happy with it, can't wait to see the Crackle polish doing his work!

donderdag 5 mei 2011

NOTD - China Glaze Ahoy! with a special effect...

Today i'm showing you guys a simple mani! China Glaze Ahoy! with Essence Special Topper Hello Holo! I don't know why, but my camera won't make a picture with the right colours. That's why i made a picture with my telephone, and it's a bit blurry, but i shows the colours pretty well!

My nails are getting longer, and it makes me happy!

What do you think of this combination?

dinsdag 3 mei 2011

Swatch Golden Rose Paris 52 & 58

The past few weeks my brother and his girlfriend where on a holiday in Turkey, and they took 2 polishes for me from Golden Rose. It's a turkish brand which is pretty cheap!  

Offcourse i tried them out for you, both polishes are pretty sheer, i think you need at least 3 layers! But it's a nice polish. Drying takes a bit longer, but when you have a good topcoat i think it will be no problem! 

This picture i made was with 2 layers.

I like the colours, even though they are pretty heavy, i think it will be nice with a nice nailart!

Kreativ Blogger Award! :)

Today must be my lucky day! I got an award from -Diana-, and i'm really happy with it! Thanks a lot girl! X

Now what i have to do is telling 10 things about me, and pass the award to 10 other bloggers!

Well lets start with 10 things about me!

1. I just moved out of my parents house, and start to join the real life! I live on my own for 4 weeks now, and i totally love it!

2. When i was born it was one of the coldest wintertimes ever. I know my dad had to go on his bike to the hospital at night, and it was -17degrees.. Poor dad! :)

3. I have one older brother, and he lives with his girlfriend and daugther about 15 minutes away from my home.

4. I love to travel, since i was a little kid i've been travelling a lot! First we started to go by bus to Spain, it took 24-30hours to get there. After that we went to many places all over the world. The trip i love the most was to Kenya last March 2011!

5. I'm loving travelling so much that i even work at a travelagency at the moment. For my work i also have been to a lot of places, and next week i have to go to the Azores (Portugese Islands). So it's a really nice job!

6. I have a boyfriend since july 2009, but he doesn't live here in the Netherlands. He lives in Turkey, and it's really hard that we can not spend a lot of time together. I see him about 3/4 times in a year, and we have a lot of contact by mail/sms and msn. Last november/december he was here for 18 days, and we had a great time together!

7. I truly love dogs, but i dont have one cause i'm working a lot, and i can't give him the love i think they need!

8. When i was young and i really loved Alfred J. Kwak, it's a dutch kids-program, and since a couple of weeks it's back on television now! So i'm happy again!

9. My favourite polish brand is Catrice, it's a dutch brand you can get at the dutch drugstore Kruidvat! :)

10. I would like to thank Diana for giving me this award, it's really nice to have it! So thanks a lot again! Also a specials thanks to my readers, for you guys i'm blogging! Love to read comments and other blogs, so keep updating!

Well that's all about me now, now i will start by giving this award to 10 other blogs!

And the award goes to....


Nail-art of the day!

Hi again! :)

Today it's time for a new nail-art!

I have been using;
* China Glaze - Mom's Chiffon
* China Glaze - Devotion
* Bundle Monster Plate 222

It's the first time i used the new bundle monster plates with a China Glaze polish to stamp, and i have to say, it works pretty well! And i'm so happy to have the new plates!

Hope you'll like it! :D