woensdag 31 augustus 2011

New Blog!

Hi Guys!

I just started up a new blog!

Please follow me over there, Nailsszone will be deleted soon!




woensdag 22 juni 2011

A new big image plate!

Hi Guys,
Today i have to show you something new in my stash! I bought a big image plate at Dashica Beauty Shop, she designed it by herself, and i think it's really pretty! It's my first big image plate, and im sure it wont be my last! 

The plate has 42 designs on it and they are so pretty!!! You first have to peel of f the protective plastic film on top. On the backside you can find all the details of Shirley's webshop. 

Do you want to see al the plates from Shirley go to DashicaBeautyShop and find out all the great nailart stuff!

Soon i will show you my mani with this new plate!


dinsdag 21 juni 2011

I'm so sorry!

Hi guys,

Sorry for not updating so long, but i'm so busy at the moment! I will show you on of my dutch reviews about a O.P.I. polish now..

My new polish; O.P.I. Austin Tatious - Texas Collection. It's a super cool blue polish. And my first O.P.I.!

But i will tell you guys.. i'm a bit dissapointed.. This polish is so sheer! I needed 4 covers to get it the way you see on the photo.

The colour is gorgeous, but it's to sheer for me! I think i might try it with a base of lightblue...

zaterdag 4 juni 2011

Swatch KOH Metallic Green

Hi Ladies!

Today i would like to show you a swatch of my new (and first) KOH polish. Metallic Green (127). I bought it about 2 weeks ago and really love the colour and the holo-effect!

Watch it, and love it!

With flashlight

In the sun
My nails are pretty short, sorry for that. But after all it's just the polish i want to show you! It's a green holographic polish, not way to green just a bit like, how do you call that in English? Soft green? Sorry for my crazy English!

I really love the effect! It's a pretty nasty polish to apply, but when you are done you will know it was worth every minute you spend for it! 

You can buy KOH polishes for about €15.- each.

Q: Do you guys have KOH polishes in your stash?

woensdag 1 juni 2011

Out of Space Limited Edition by Catrice

Hi Guys! Well since my nails are to short i will show you something different today!
My sweet friend Margaux told me today about the new Limited Edition by Catrice : Out of Space. Release at june/july 2011.

This Limited Edition has several products, and i will show them to you!

Eyeshadows; C01 Super Nova Skywalker, C02 Back To Pandora, C03 Next Stop: Neptune, Staurn
C04 Day Night Fever, C05 Venus vs. Mars

Liquid Eyeliner; C01 Empire Behind The Sun, C02 Houston's Favorite, C03 Silver's shuttle

Lipstick; C01 Discover Purple, C02 My Milkyway Pluto and a Make-up base
Nailpolish; C01 My Milkyway, C02 Houston's Favorite, C03 Scotty Beam Me! and C04 Moonlight Express.

My favourites are the polishes offcourse, but also i can't wait to find out the eyeshadows!
Q: Which products do you like to most?

Bye the way; i'm thinking about a give-away (international offcourse) at 25 followers! So keep following! :)

dinsdag 31 mei 2011

Stash Update!

Because i had some troubles in my life the last week i was not having time to update my blog. But i wanted to show you all my stash, and also made a list so you can see which one i own. At the moment i have 180 bottles, including topcoats and stamping coats.

Look at my Stash list..

Q: How many polishes do you guys have?

maandag 23 mei 2011

Hello Again! :D

Well hi guys! I'm back allready one week, but since my nails are totally broken at my short trip i dont want to make any pictures of them.. :(
But i can show something else today.. Last week i got my 4th tattoo.. And i'm so proud of it!
It means a lot to me.. it's a symbol to my grandparents, there are all passed away.. So Carpe Diem, live your life!
Also i had a short break of buying any polishes. But last week and today i bought some new ones!

I received today;

- China Glaze C-C-Courage
- Color Club Revvolution

Bought today at a drugstore;
- KOH 217 Metallic Green (holo!!)

Totally happy with Revvolution, because the swatches look great!

I will upload the pictures tonight!