woensdag 1 juni 2011

Out of Space Limited Edition by Catrice

Hi Guys! Well since my nails are to short i will show you something different today!
My sweet friend Margaux told me today about the new Limited Edition by Catrice : Out of Space. Release at june/july 2011.

This Limited Edition has several products, and i will show them to you!

Eyeshadows; C01 Super Nova Skywalker, C02 Back To Pandora, C03 Next Stop: Neptune, Staurn
C04 Day Night Fever, C05 Venus vs. Mars

Liquid Eyeliner; C01 Empire Behind The Sun, C02 Houston's Favorite, C03 Silver's shuttle

Lipstick; C01 Discover Purple, C02 My Milkyway Pluto and a Make-up base
Nailpolish; C01 My Milkyway, C02 Houston's Favorite, C03 Scotty Beam Me! and C04 Moonlight Express.

My favourites are the polishes offcourse, but also i can't wait to find out the eyeshadows!
Q: Which products do you like to most?

Bye the way; i'm thinking about a give-away (international offcourse) at 25 followers! So keep following! :)

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