maandag 23 mei 2011

Hello Again! :D

Well hi guys! I'm back allready one week, but since my nails are totally broken at my short trip i dont want to make any pictures of them.. :(
But i can show something else today.. Last week i got my 4th tattoo.. And i'm so proud of it!
It means a lot to me.. it's a symbol to my grandparents, there are all passed away.. So Carpe Diem, live your life!
Also i had a short break of buying any polishes. But last week and today i bought some new ones!

I received today;

- China Glaze C-C-Courage
- Color Club Revvolution

Bought today at a drugstore;
- KOH 217 Metallic Green (holo!!)

Totally happy with Revvolution, because the swatches look great!

I will upload the pictures tonight!

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