maandag 9 mei 2011

Shoplog 6 mei Newcastle!

Last week i went for a minibreak to Newcastle. By boat we went from IJmuiden (NL) to Newcastle, shopping there for just 1 day, and come back by boat again. It's super cool to do sometimes! Newcastle is great for shopping, and i thought it was pretty cheap aswell! Offcourse they do sell nailpolish, so i bought some new ones!

Not that much, just 5 new polishes! A lot of the polishes they do sell here in Holland, and i allready have a lot of colours! By the way, Rimmel for example is pretty much cheaper over there! I also found a shop that sells China Glaze, but there where asking 7-8euro for 1 polish, so i can better buy them here on the internet.

Let's take a look!

Barry M. - Crackle NailPaint Black

BYS: N53-Lime Spritz / N83-Ultra Violet

Rimmel: 260-Green Grass / 819 - Green with Envy

And all together:

Really happy with it, can't wait to see the Crackle polish doing his work!

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